Week 5- Poem

Life of a University Student

In the land where snowflakes dance, Where icy winds weave their trance,
A student treads the frozen path, Seeking knowledge, braving wrath.

As the door swings wide, a threshold crossed,
Into the classroom’s heart, where knowledge embossed.

Textbooks crackle, pages turn,
As students delve into the lessons they yearn.

As the final bell tolls, the classroom exhales,
Chairs scrape, backpacks zip, and footsteps trail.

While we whirl and preen, when on party scenes
we’ve embarked on the classic scholar’s quest.

Friends gather, a constellation of laughter,
Linked arms, shared secrets, hearts beating faster.

Ah, the morning sun peeks through bleary eyes,
As night owls shuffle, their nocturnal ties.

From revelry to textbooks, a swift transition,
They know how to navigate a post-party mission

Reflection: I Chose to write about my experience as a student from classroom to personal life. Walking into class, to leaving class and being with friends. I walked through each step of the instructions

  1. I picked ChatGPT 3.5
  2. I prompted to ask questions such as, please write a poem about being a student. Unfortunately, the poem didn’t quite rhyme at first.
  3. Because the poem did not rhyme I then asked it to share a poem about Northern BC University that rhymed and gave me a poem
  4. I then asked it to reference in school and out of school time (personal time) and too improve the rhyme
  5. Reflection, I find it to be fairly easy to understand. The journey starts with the student walking to class, then attending class, going home to have fun with friends and then returning to class the next day.

Reference: Pieces and sentences of the above poem were pulled from ChatGPT software.


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