Office Lens

Software App: Office Lens! How amazing!

What worked well? The download was very straightforward onto my phone as an app. I have used previous apps before, which now i see are quite difficult and not user-friendly. Lens had very few steps and guided me through the entire download journey without hiccup.

How might you use such a technique in your other classes, studies, or personal needs? This tool will be used when I need to capture notes on a note pad. This reminds me of my rocket book where I can write everything down, but still have it uploaded to a platform for safe keepings.

Omeka this week includes two PDF on traditional medicines. I am learning how to make traditional teas as well, how to use them for medicinal purposes so i thought i could upload just a few of the traditional medicines i’ve been reading about.


Plants and medicines of Sophie Thomas: Based on the traditional knowledge of Sophie Thomas, Sai’ kuz elder and healer. (2010a). . University of Northern British Columbia.


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