Project Proposal- StoryMap

I’ve chosen to do my project on Mapping. Maps have long been an important part of digital humanities. Maps often tell a story that words and dialogue cannot always capture. By adding a visual element, this creates visuals of space that can be viewable for folks of all ages. Potentially even used as a teaching tool for children learning.

Last summer, it’s not a secret that most of B.C was exposed to severe climate changes and challenging conditions. This put most of the province in a state of emergency.

I was evacuated from my community without any idea on where to go, or what to do. The simpler things as what to pack when you’ve been put on evacuation order or who to reach out to once you’re safe was not an easy find.

By using ArcGIS, I will go through the story map highlighting the areas in BC that were impacted by wildfires, the health impacts you may experience, how you can be proactive and be prepared or an evacuation, and if you’ve been evacuated.

Examples of StoryMaps below:

Project Gallery (


To complete a StoryMap of the impacts of BC wildfires and step by step guide before, during and after evacuation.


Explain the different reasons behind wildfires. Some questions that might be asked through the journey? How do they occur? What might happen during a wildfire? What challenges or conflicts do they cause?If a wildfire happens, what can you do to protect yourself and your family? What can we do to prevent wildfires?

Technologies: ArcGIS, Google maps, Youtube, GovBC sources.

Methods Used: Several methods will be used including research around wildfires, health-related impacts pulled from outside sources, design thinking (user friendly), and finally, user testing.


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