Digital Humanities- Course Audit

Reflect on your learning process to date, including your problem-solving strategies, engagement with course exercises, and communication with peers and the instructor. How have these elements influenced your understanding of the material, and what adjustments or enhancements would you suggest to further support your learning in these areas?

Reflecting on the last few months of Digital Humanities, I am proud of taking the course, because I have had gone well above my comfort zone exploring this field. I am a nurse by trade, and often find my skills more on the basis of hands-on and visual learning.

Throughout the course I have also quickly realized how “technically” difficult this was. For someone who has not leaned into the “digital” world, I found it both exciting and interesting to explore further. I am really excited for my personal website, something that I did think would be a lot easier to set up however find some much benefit in both personally and professionally.

My problem-solving strategies mostly consisted of taking things one step at a time, getting frustrated then again, taking things one step at a time. I found the more I looked outside the typical sources shared, some of the activities were easy to follow. For instance, when learning how to embed a story for our last class, I found it easier to follow a tutorial on YouTube, again probably knowing I’m a strong visual learner.

I have had very minimal interactions with my instructor and peers throughout the course. It’s been difficult to complete assignments on time, let alone reach out to other students and read their posts. I hope that once things slow down personally, I can go back and review my peers posts to better understand the activities and the various approaches they took.

The only thought I currently have for adjustments or enhancements to further support my learning would be to include mandatory responses to peer posts and to also search out one source for the weeks’ materials.

I’ve really enjoyed the class, and hope to build on my skills learned throughout the remainder of the course and future courses as well.

Katina Pollard


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