Digital Humanities- What a Roller Coaster!

This week I have been directed to provide a short reflection on my process setting up my Omeka Classic.

Truthfully, as the title states, what a roller coaster! As someone who is VERY challenged with digital humanities, I am struggling, lol.

First off, I was tasked to set up a subdomain, you’d think that was straightforward- nope. After watching several tutorials, I realized that there was no clear “subdomain” link. Fun! I quickly got into the swing of things and then, It was smooth sailing.

The Omeka Classic application was fairly easy to install. Just making sure it was link to my subdomain was the biggest goal, which I did, I think???

My photos are of my two dogs. After suffering through a few hours of computer work, It made me smile to see them on my screen.

Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, Omeka is used by many small museums and historical societies. Check it out here!

References: Wikimedia Foundation. (2023, October 30). Omeka. Wikipedia.


2 responses to “Digital Humanities- What a Roller Coaster!”

  1. I feel you Katina! This task had me going in circles, and as soon as I figured one problem out I found another. So frustrating! Looking through photos was definitely a highlight for me too.

    1. Thanks for your view Olivia!

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