Digital Humanities- Final Audit

I am thrilled to have taken this course to learn more about Digital Humanities.

I think my two biggest learning from taking this course was designing my own website and consecutively learning how to embed different tools into the page. I also thought the course syllabus was well thought out and very straightforward and easy to understand.

I know I have shared this before, but prior to taking DH, I really lacked understanding and awareness of the digital world!

Course Content:

The learning objectives were clear and easy to follow within each weekly activity.


You explained concepts when answered and had many resources to share if I was unsure of something. I found you to be engaging and encourage a team environment among other classmates by responding to their posts. I also appreciated your timely responses to questions.

Classroom Environment:

The classroom was conducive to learning and you encouraged opportunities for group discussions.

Thank you for a great class!


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